This page pays tribute to the soldiers who gave their life in service to their country.

Page of Honor

There were many men and women who served in Viet Nam. All gave something of themselves. Some gave more than others... their life. There is no speech... there is no monument... there is no web page... that can provide adequate tribute to that sacrifice. The closest we can come to paying homage to such a great sacrifice is by never forgetting. You may be gone... but I for one will never forget.

Capt John Minutola

Killed 6 April 1967 while flying on an overflight

With fond memories... emptiness... and a sad heart

Rest In Peace

Communications Section
Det C-1, 5th Special Forces Group, RVN

In an email Bill McElwee wrote...

"I was on the MGF mission when the bird-dog John was in went down. I'm not sure where the flight originated. The bird-dog made contact with us and was doing some recon of the area for bad guys. He passed over head of us and we heard the engine fail and then the crash as the plane hit the trees. We climbed to the site of the crash to find almost nothing of the plane, it was consumed by an intense fire. John and the pilot were both killed."