Together We Served

A group of websites for military personnel -- past and present

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Allow me to make a suggestion...

I was indirectly given a link to a website: When I checked it out, I was very impressed. (So impressed that I signed up for a life membership.) From a 'computer perspective', this is one of the best (or maybe THE best) military-specific "social" websites I have seen. The purpose of the website is to provide a gathering place for Army personnel -- past and present. The site allows members to upload photos, chat via forums, and document their Army service.

Let me point out that this is a commercial venture... I assume it is a 'for profit' organization. I have no monetary interest in the website or company. And although members can have their membership term extended by 'recruiting' others to join, I am a Life Member. So that provision does not apply to me.

I point this out because I want to make a recommendation. I suggest that you visit the website... look around. This is the place where you can document what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Find the guys that endured basic training with you or covered your flank or 'saved your bacon'. It is trite, but it is true... we collectively were a 'band of brothers'. Some of us didn't get a very warm welcome when we returned home. That was really unfair in view of the sacrifices we all made. But in spite of all that, I am very proud of my Army (and Air Force) service. This is where I can announce that to the world.

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Here is another screen snippet from the TWS website.

My review of the website shows an amazing degree of accessible information. You can search for members using numerous search criteria... last name, unit, college, courses taken, and many more! If you add a unit to your Assignments section, you are automatically linked to all other members from that unit. (If you are still trying to hide from a jealous husband, you may NOT want to join!) Finding your buddies can't get any easier. If they are a member, you can find them!

This 'review' was written years ago, so some aspects of TWS may have changed.

One final point... TWS offers a 'version' of their website for each branch of the service -- Army, Air Force, etc. Simply use the website tailored to your branch of service.