VBSdb: Web-enabled databases for the ASP-impaired

Closing the VBSdb web section

I recognize that times change... This also holds true for websites and web development. Thus, it is with sincere sorrow that I announce the end of VBSdb on SFrvn.net

The move to 'mobile' devices by a large majority of Internet users caused a dramatic shift in web design. Websites were forced to evolve -- to become 'mobile-friendly'. VBSdb was a major accomplishment by Mr Siliprandi. But it, too, has fallen victim to the move to phones and tablets.

VBSdb is not mobile-friendly. That is, a VBSdb web page is not 'responsive'. VBSdb pages do not automatically shrink if the website is being viewed on a phone or tablet -- a small, mobile device. That means the User cannot see the entire web page and, unless the User has some way to scroll left/right, much of the web page is inaccessible. So while Glauco's VBSdb was (and still is) pure genius, it has succumbed to THE  incessant march of technology.

Over the past ten years I have been unable to find or establish contact with Mr Siliprandi. Based on all factors, I will no longer offer download capability for VBSdb.

I was forced to change the composition of SFrvn.net to embrace HTML5 -- the mobile-friendly architecture. Previously, all of the on-line databases on this website used VBSdb. I, too, was forced to eliminate VBSdb as the method to display data-driven web pages. (It is really a shame, because using VBSdb was simple enough that 'non-geeks' could bring their databases on-line in web pages.)

My on-line databases (namely, the photography pages) are now written without the benefit of VBSdb.