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The short version...

In 1998 I began my computer career, after having achieved Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). One of the aspects I enjoyed most about the Information Technology (IT) field was the opportunity to learn. I adopted a goal of learning at least one new aspect of IT every day. After working in IT for almost twenty years, I learned a lot.

When I retired from the active workforce, I never lost my interest in computers, networks, or teaching. Therefore, I look for small businesses that need some short-term IT help. I miss the challenges posed by IT problems, the thrill of solving those problems, and the interaction of working with people to 'get the job done'. I can also hold training classes. I am available... and my rates are good! What can I do for your company?

If you have a small business faced with an unsolved IT problem, contact me. Have laptop; will travel.

How to contact me:

You can use the 'Contact Me' link in the menu at the top of every website page. Put your information in the text boxes and click 'Submit'. It's that easy. I will then get in touch with you.

You can also email me directly, if you prefer. Clicking this link will open the new email form of your email client. Provide your contact information and I'll use that information to contact you.