Leasing a bit of Paradise

Lease Details

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Leasing Overview

Leasing our beautiful townhome is fairly simple. However, there are several important details that you should know.

Leasing Details for 16182 Via Solera Circle #102, Ft Myers, FL 33908

  • By HOA bylaws, a lease must be a minimum of thirty (30) days. (This is also interpreted to mean calendar month.)
  • Access to Sail Harbour is tightly controlled. You must obtain a 'resident decal' for your vehicle.
  • All leases must be approved by the HOA/Property Manager.
  • Applications require a $100 lease application fee payable to Property Manager. (Includes cost of resident decal)
  • Lease applications must be submitted at least thirty (30) days before start of planned occupancy.
  • To enhance the safety of residents, a national criminal background check is done on all lease applicants. The results could cause a lease application to be rejected.
    Cost of background check(s) is/are included in Townhome Lease cost.
  • Leasees are not permitted to bring dogs into the community.

Leasing Costs

Lease costs vary by time of the year. Obviously, the Winter season (Jan 1st - Mar 31st) is the period of peak demand. Because of the warm temperatures and lower humidity, Spring (Apr 1st - Jun 30th) and Fall (Oct 1st - Dec 31st) are also in demand. The hot temperatures of the Summer season are quite attractive for outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, and water sports.


Summer: Jul 1st - Sep 30th
Spring: Apr 1st - Jun 30th
Fall: Oct 1st - Dec 31st
Winter: Jan 1st - Mar 31st

Lease Cost

$1500/calendar month
$2200/calendar month
$2200/calendar month
$2900/calendar month

Cost Summary

The Total Lease Cost is the sum of the four fees outlined below.

  • Townhome Lease cost:
    The cost based on occupancy period. [See list above]
  • "Booking Fee":
    The booking fee (a portion of the Townhome Lease cost) is paid in advance to 'reserve' the townhome.
    -- The booking fee is non-refundable. --.
    The time period you want is not 'reserved' (guaranteed) until the Owners have confirmed receipt of your booking fee (deposit).
  • Security Deposit:
    A security deposit of $500 is required.
    This fee is used to cover the cost of damage repair, lost or broken item replacement, and/or excessive utility charges due to Leasee's occupancy.
    Security Deposit money not needed to cover cost of damage, replacement, or excessive charges is refunded within thirty (30) days after Leasee departure.
  • Cleaning Fee:
    Home is professionally cleaned at the end of each lease. This includes professional carpet cleaning.
  • State Tax:
    11% of Townhome Lease cost/lease

  • Lease Application Fee:
    $100/lease (Not part of lease cost. Payable to Property Management company at time of lease application.)

Lease Balance

Lease Balance = Total Lease Cost minus 'Booking Fee' is due at least thirty (30) days prior to lease start date.