Townhome Availability

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Factors that affect availability

  • Because of Sail Harbour's great central location, there is a high demand for rental homes in Sail Harbour.

  • Since our townhome is large and very comfortable, many of our guests return on a yearly basis!

  • Reservations are typically made at least 12 months in advance.

  • As a courtesy we provide our tenants with a 30-day 'right of first refusal'. Simply put, this means that we will not lease the townhouse to someone until we verify that the previous tenants during a time period do not want to lease the townhome for the same time period the following year.

    If you lease our townhouse during April 2015, we will not lease the townhouse to someone else for April 2016 until you tell us you are not interested in returning in April 2016. The 'right of first refusal' is valid for thirty (30) days after the end of the their lease.

  • If our Guests wish to return, we give them the option to use their Security Deposit as the Booking Fee for the following year. (Remember: A lease request is not guaranteed until we have received the Booking Fee.) If the guests decide not to use the Security Deposit as the Booking Fee for the next year, the unused balance of Security Deposit is returned within thirty days of lease end. Any time period not 'reserved' by a Booking Fee is available to anyone who wants to enjoy our townhome.

Check on Available Dates

If you are interested in leasing our townhouse, it is best to contact us to see if the townhome is available. Please use the Contact Owners link for townhome information.