Detachment C-1 Danang

-- The primary mission of Special Forces in Vietnam was the development of paramilitary forces among Vietnamese minority groups
-- The organization, development, and operation of the CIDG proved to be the chief work of U.S. Special Forces in the Vietnam war.

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Co C (Det C-1) Danang

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The Special Forces A-Teams in Viet Nam were under the control of a 'company'. Each of the 'corps' in RVN had a company-level unit. This page will provide a look at Company C, the company-unit in I Corps... its role and some of the men stationed there. However, you must realize that there was a lot more to Company C than is presented here. It is suggested that you use the links to visit some of the other Special Forces web sites to learn more about the other facets of a company-unit, such as their 'Mike Forces' and 'attached' helicopter units.  And lastly, we will digress slightly to take a brief look at the Special Forces unit in Nha Trang. Nha Trang was the headquarters for the 5th Special Forces Group, Republic of Viet Nam.