Thuong Duc Memorial

Indirect recognition of the job we did

Some former A-109 members have returned to Thuong Duc in recent years.

Greg Biela was one of the men that returned to the former A-109 camp site. He reports that little of the camp remains. I guess that is understandable from the Vietnamese perspective. Greg sent several emails with photos of the present-day A-109 site. One of those is presented below.

Commemorating the Vietnamese

Vietnam erected a memorial at Thuong Duc. The memorial pays tribute to the Vietnamese who fought to defeat the Special Forces camp at Thuong Duc.

I now pay tribute to the men of SF camp A-109 who, over the years, served their country no less admirably in defense of the camp and accomplishment of their missions.

I found it quite interesting that the Vietnamese used MY picture in their Memorial Card -- lower left corner. Even though the card states Thuong Duc 1974, I took this picture in 1967!